Saturday, July 24, 2010

More from Scarborough ... part 2

080710_ Miriam #2

On the Thursday of the week we were in Scarborough... we went on a ride on the miniature steam train that takes you from Peasholm Park to Scalby Mills. I think we all have an inner-trainspotter... and I was not the only one who enjoyed the trip.

Reason for the trip was to explore the Sealife Centre... in which my "nifty fifty" came into its own as a fantastic lens for low light. However, the manual focus combined with moving subjects made for an interesting photographic experience.

Afterwards we returned to Peasholm Park... to be utterly gutted to find the Naval Warfare to be cancelled. Anyone who has been to Scarborough and experienced the Naval Warfare show in Peasholm Park will feel my pain - sure its dated... especially in a post-Avatar world but its dated-ness and distinctly analogue nature add to the value of the experience... its fun because its wooden planes zipping down wires and real gunpowder flashes. Was disappointed to have missed it.

The rest of my photos from Thursday are available here (just remember to scroll down).


080710_ jellyfish #7

080710_ within the Sealife Centre #7

080710_ sparrow

080710_ Peasholm Park #7

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