Sunday, July 11, 2010

Parcs Disney

270610_ Parcs Disney_ 041

Two weeks ago today... we were in Parcs Disney. We spent nearly 14 hours and walked approximately 33,000 steps... in mid-30's heat... and only scratched the surface.

I'm not a rollercoaster nut but I managed to ride "Space Mountain" with Dayna and "Big Thunder Mountain" with the family (a ride that seriously traumatised Olly) - I didn't get to ride the "Indiana Jones" ride, unfortunately. We also saw "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Its a small world" ... both were fantastic, so much so, we did POTC twice.

We loved the place. The only downside was the price of drinks - 2€50 per 500ml diet coke - we must have spent 30€ on drinks alone!

I've posted more of my pics here - please check them out when you get a chance. Will add to the set throughout the next couple of weeks.


270610_ Parcs Disney_ 036

270610_ Parcs Disney_ 002

270610_ Parcs Disney_ 051

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Angus Mathie said...

Mum and I enjoyed this first group of photos and look forward to the others.


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