Monday, July 12, 2010

Paris - Day 1

280610_ Musée du Louvre #25

Two weeks ago today... we spent our first day in Paris. We got off at Châtelet Les Halles and walked across Pont Neuf... bought crepes from a wee deli on a street near there (I'm in love with Nutella!) then walked towards the Musée du Louvre via the Pont des Arts where lovers padlock their expressions of love to the bridge.

It was warm and disorientating to be finally in Paris... but wonderful too. The Lourve is a special place. Huge. Gigantic, in fact, and chocked full of awesome pieces of art. So much so that the "famous" pieces like the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo seemed... well... small in comparison.

The Mona Lisa is dwarfed by some of the other artwork that people just seemed to ignore. People crowed 6 deep to see her. Crazy.

Similarly with Venus de Milo - there are other statues... complete statues (ie ones with arms!)... that were totally shunned by folks in search of "the named piece". Seemed nonsensical to me, to be honest.

From the Lourve, we spent some time beside the fountain... or in Miriam & Dayna's case, in the fountain... before heading over to the the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel before calling it quits and heading for the RER.

A wonderful yet busy day... in a city that I have fallen in love with.

As before, I have posted more pics here for you to check out.


280610_ Paris #9

280610_ Pont des Arts #2

280610_ Musée du Louvre #10

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