Thursday, September 02, 2010

alight here #0001

Its been a while in coming... but alight here #0001 is finally here. I've taken the conscious step of only featuring independent musicians from bandcamp, netlabels or directly from the individuals themselves.

Whilst my previous mixtapes gave me the opportunity to display talent in all its many guises... indie and corporate... this gives me the chance to really promote music that may get overlooked or doesn't have access to the kind of clout the labels have.

In doing this, I feel I am doing my bit to support their music... as well as exposing you to some truly wondrous and joyous music.

Please support the artists featured by clicking on the links below and downloading their material:
  1. Ascension from "The Wind Lost Its Breath And The Sea Became As Smooth As Glass" by Shekinah
  2. Flies in the basement from "Echo" by Matt Stevens
  3. Good morning from "Arms Legs Feet" by JDH
  4. The brightest skies from "Start loving the robots" by Dep
  5. Entanglement theory from "Beats in Rhythm" by Russ Sargent
  6. A passing from "Canaveral Dreams" by Cousin Silas
  7. Seeing The Sun Through Their Eyes Part. 2 from "As We're Both Just Standing Still" by Good Weather for an Airstrike
  8. Sawney Hill from "Canaveral Dreams" by Cousin Silas
  9. Teo from "Movement" by Ambienteer
  10. The National Anthem from "Radiohead's Kid A : Re-imagined" by Alex Schaaf
  11. Epic Problem (Fugazi cover) from "Of All The Things We've Made EP" by JDH
  12. Memory Drain from "You Don't Exist" by Ghost Bike
  13. What makes us so uncommon from "Mosaic" by The Echelon Effect
  14. How deep the father's love from "Marshall" by Lowercase Noises
Enjoy... and thanks again to the awesome musicians who appear here and have made my live richer through their music.



Angus Mathie said...

Thanks again. On the turntable just now, great work.

reincheque said...

The Lowercase Noises track is magnificent...




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