Friday, September 10, 2010

Pocket Personality... my third guest post > from @timlukejones

They say you can tell a lot about a woman from the contents of her handbag but not being a woman or the carrier of a handbag (I can't find one to match the Commissioner's overalls) this doesn't really work too well! I do carry keys though, and these can illustrate my pocket personality - who I am...

  • Lacie iamakey USB stick - I am a geek - in fact this could easily be renamed iamageek, for that is what I am! I carry a USB stick for quick data transfer of pictures, music and documents on the go - wherever I am.
  • House keys - I am a housemate. I share a house with another person who works in the public sector. Our home is one filled with laughter and fun a lot of the time but has also seen many deep, wholehearted and genuine conversations in its short life as our house.
  • Drum cupboard key - I am a bandsman. It would be easy to get into 'that' discussion about Salvation Army bands but I know for certain that some wonderful mission opportunities have arisen from the playing of Christian music over the past 18 years or so. I know it isn't totally relevant so I'm under no illusion there, but I also know it's not totally irrelevant.
  • Regent Hall key fob - I am a Rinker. Since arriving in London as an innocent 18 year old student of German and Scandinavian Studies the Rink (Regent Hall Salvation Army) has been my home church! It has supported me through some happy times and some sad times, highs and lows, God loving and God loathing times. It provides a great stopping point on Oxford St, right in the middle of the world's busiest shopping street.
  • HMV loyalty card - I am a film buff. I own too many DVDs. I have 42GB of movies on my iPod. I have a Cineworld unlimited access card and usually watch 3 films a week (on average!). There's rarely a genre or style of film I won't watch - from Hollywood blockbusters to Brit films to films about Cold War German life to Icelandic comedy to Korean horror! Movies are a great release from real life but also a great insight into it.
  • Handcuff key - I am a police officer. A rozzer. A pig. The fuzz. The PoPo. It's my job and it's one I take so much pleasure from doing. I am young in age and service but can already see the impact my work has had on people. I deal with some of the people on society's margins, seen as the dregs or the dross but I do it gladly. Not just for the money but because it's my vocation and calling.
  • Drum key - I am a drummer! Always tapping on something or somebody (usually myself!) the rhythm got me at and early age and has stuck with me. I play a variety of shaky, hitty, noisy, clinky, swooshy things, both tuned and not. I can often be found playing bass drum LOUDLY on the Rink open airs and marches and do this gladly!
  • Mum and Dad's house key - I am a son. To my parents, oddly enough! I was born in Suffolk and grew up in Cambridgeshire, Gwent, Glamorgan, Lancashire, Essex, Middlesex and Surrey (and I'm still growing up). But through my parents have seen lots of the UK and will be ever grateful for my upbringing.
  • North Wales Police keyring - I am a judo champion. Last October I travelled to North Wales to compete in the Police National judo championships. I won my weight category and got my tail kicked quite unceremoniously in the open weight! Nonetheless this was enough to strike fear into the hearts of the people I knew (although it may have been a widespread case of heartburn). I love putting my gi on and training and fighting for the pure enjoyment of it!

But not everything I am is summed up on my keyring. I am happy, saved and free. I am a Christian. I am loved. I am blessed. I am handsome. I am funny (see previous point!) but most of all - I am me...


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Angus Mathie said...

Well said! What a novel way to talk about your life and what is important to you. We do try to keep handy the means of access to essential parts of our lives and it is good to review why they are there.


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