Thursday, September 16, 2010

Inspired by... the Pope's visit

I'm working from home today because the Pope is in Scotland... and approximately 80,000 of the faithful are heading to Glasgow. I, for one, didn't want to be hassled trying to get to my work.

Whilst I disagree on Pope Benedict XVI's stance on a number of things: contraception, equality of women and homosexuals, celibacy of the Priesthood etc... I do welcome his visit. Not sure it can be rightly entitled a "state visit" but I do welcome him.

One thing that particularly interested me were these two logos/themes:

The top one - heart speaks unto heart - is the main theme of the UK visit... whereas the bottom logo is for the Scottish leg of the visit and speaks of "the hope which never disappoints is Jesus Christ".

I like them both.

Personally, I believe in the hope that is Jesus and the grace He offers. I have been disappointed by people many times... but I haven't been disappointed in Jesus. I think this is a great reminder. I also think its a timely reminder that the focus of the Pope's visit should be on Jesus and not on him.

I also strongly believe that connecting with people in true community should be on a heart to heart basis. We should look beyond the labels we use to stereotype folks and pigeonhole them: Catholic... Atheist... Muslim... Gay... Straight... Celibate... etc and focus on them as people... with a heart.

It shows that with an open mind you can find inspiration in places you would not normally look.


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Angus Mathie said...

Well said again. Check out The Herald article I put on Facebook. There is an awful lot we can learn from moderate views like that.


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