Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Story... my first guest post > from @myopicaardvark

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It's all about story for me. Doesn't matter whether it's books, telly, gaming or music. If it doesn't tell me a good story, it's not for me.

I play games a lot - sure, I've got things like Peggle which is fairly simple, but it's got a slight story hanging on it (slight as it may be).

When I play City Of Heroes, I play stories that I've seen hundreds of times over the last six years. You play them again and again and you end up knowing them by rote. But it's how each character reacts to them that makes the story. It's how my perfect hero reacts to something or how my villain laughs maniacally as they steal some books from orphans (true story - the most evil arc in the game).

And I listen to my wide range of soundtrack music, both while gaming and whilst walking, and sometimes in work too. The crescendo of the music changes each part of my journey as I run the notes through my head. I'm constantly reinventing the same scenarios based on the music , visuals and all the things which influence them.

When a good movie comes out or a good book, it'll colour the story in my head. So when Transformers came out, the music led to robot attacks, profound speeches made by voices with deep gravitas and lots of explosions (fun when you're walking along Argyle Street).

When something Star Wars related occurs (so wait until The Old Republic is released next year), there are honourable foes and despicable villains having sword fights across my synapses).

And when I return to my typical comic book hero pasttimes, I end up seeing heroes around town, doing similar acts to whatever the current story arc is in the comics, I do live in the real world, but my imagination colours it to tell a story that I don't get in normal circumstances.

It's not a bad way to live and I'm quite happy with it.

So how do stories influence your day to day existence? Are they small scale distractions or do they have an effect on how you react to everything? I think I'm somewhere in the middle (as per usual). Where are you?


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