Thursday, September 09, 2010

I love music... my second guest post > from @jaredmente

090910_ I love music

I’m probably like most of you – I love music. I can remember as a young boy when I first discovered real music, you know, something other than the theme songs to my favorite cartoons. I was rummaging through my older brother’s room (why did I do that so much?) and found U2’s the Joshua Tree on tape and decided to pop it into the deck. I put on the headphones and started to listen. I was immediately immersed in the beats and rhythms and melodies. This was awesome! I started singing along with the catchy hooks, not quite keeping up with Bono’s screeching high notes…then suddenly my brother barged in and turned on the lights (why was I in the dark?) and proceeded to berate me for being in his room without his permission. But he was too late – I was hooked.

Life continued on with piano lessons from my mom, trumpet lessons from school, singing in the choir, guitar lessons from…well nobody, etc etc – I’ve been surrounded by music my whole life. So, when I decided to start making my own music it just felt like the natural progression. At the time, I set out to create music that I would like to listen to, because I couldn’t find anyone else making exactly the same type of music. I would just fill that void myself. That was before the days of such great sites like bandcamp and soundcloud (at least I think it was, I’m no history buff in terms of the internet). By the time I was finishing up my first album, Assorted Ambience, I looked out across the web and discovered that there are actually quite a lot of people making this kind of music, or similar. There is a myriad of musical choices out on the web today and I love it! I am at the heart, after all, nothing more than a music enthusiast.

So I added my contribution to the musical world and immediately began working on my second album. I get bored unless I’m creating something – an itch that my day job certainly does not scratch – so I feel compelled to make things, be it music, videos, or what have you. I think my creative level improved with my second album. I will openly admit that I’m no expert in making this music of mine, I’m learning on the job. I feel like it’s evolving and getting better with each take. I hope that if you give the two albums a listen that you will agree. The second album, Unseen, I am particularly fond of and worked quite hard on. But, that wasn’t enough – a third album is currently in the works. And, by the way, I’m bored with my current home on the web and am in the midst of creating a new website for my musical persona.

I’m an addict of the melodiously strange and interesting world that is today’s popular (and more usually unpopular) music. I still drive in my car with the tunes turned way too loud while singing along at the top of my lungs – still unable to hit those really high notes. There’s just something so great about music that allows you to be pulled in, to be something greater than what you are, to be somewhere you have been before. I love music.


"Unseen" on Bandcamp

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