Monday, September 13, 2010

A question, if I may..?

Here's a question for you, if I may..?

What is your key piece of kit..? what do you need to do what you do..?

For me, it's my iPhone and Moleskine 2010 planner.

I think my Nikon D60 is up there... with my nifty 50mm lens... but I don't use it for work.

My iPad is creeping in too. I think it may replace my planner / notebook at work as well as at play.

So yeah... what's your key piece of kit?



Lurch Kimded said...

All I really need is some paper and a pencil, but I suppose its really become my PC, Photoshop, and my graphics tablet.

Laura Whispering said...

i figure that what i 'do' is watch and listen.

My photography is about watching. My youth work is, largely, about listening. i like stories; i like hearing them and seeing them and then trying to create something that reflects back on them.

i reckon, then, that my only key pieces of kit are my eyes and my ears - the blessings of hearing and vision.

Anonymous said...

If I could only have one thing, it's definitely my iPhone. I have tried living without it after it went in a swimming pool and it was incredibly difficult after being so used to having it.

Obviously it's good to have a computer to sync it with too, and for that I'll keep my iBook if that's ok!

Paula said...

Not because I think it's superior, but because it's all I can afford: my BlackBerry Pearl. It keeps me connected with my calendar, my e-mail, etc.


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