Monday, November 01, 2010

All Scotland Youth Councils 2010

311010_ All Scotland Youth Councils #49

All Scotland Youth Councils 2010... where the Young People in the Salvation Army from across Scotland get-together to worship and share with each other... was a real blast. I was there as the "official" photographer and was very privileged to be invited to participate in this manner. My photos from the day are available here.

It was a real honour to spend time with so many truly wonderful people... especially over lunch with Tim and Andrea Reynolds, Jo Moir and Katherine Sonntag... and my brother-in-law Daniel in the afternoon session. I also got to see Laura and Adam... as well as the Midwinters and Jen Clement, to name but a few.

I made some new friends too... such as Matt, the officer at City Centre Corps; which is always good.

The main theme was "the big dig" where Tim & Andrea encouraged the young people to dig deeper in their faith and seek to live authentic lives.

It was an inspiring day... all in.


311010_ All Scotland Youth Councils #10

311010_ All Scotland Youth Councils #46

311010_ All Scotland Youth Councils #37

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Angus Mathie said...

Very good set and I particularly liked the various angles used to let the viewer almost be inside the action. This is a distinguishing feature of your photography and I like it so much. It is good when photos tell a story.


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