Saturday, November 13, 2010

Photosafari to Glasgow's Necropolis

121110_ at Glasgow's Necropolis #8

Spent yesterday lunchtime with four of my photogeek colleagues... up at Glasgow's Necropolis. I had a wonderful time walking about... talking and shooting interesting imagery with them.

121110_ at Glasgow's Necropolis #15

One of my chums commented on the atmosphere at the photosafaris... she spoke of how it was great for her... it allowed her to go take photos in places she wouldn't otherwise get to. Whilst I thought it funny to consider the group as a gang of "big, tough men"... I got her point entirely... and was proud that I had, in someone way, facilitated this.

121110_ at Glasgow's Necropolis #27

It was a wonderfully dark and "contrasty" day... and I hope my pics do the space justice. Will need to go back there... its a treasure trove for a photogeek like me.

The rest of photos are available here.


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