Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Derek Webb's "Feedback"

Derek Webb's new album... Feedback... really appeals to me. From what I've heard of it... it sounds fantastic... and the video above really alludes to some fantastic potential.

I really like what Derek had to say about his album:
Worship is a complicated idea. Arguably, it’s what we all do, 24 hours a day (regardless of what we’re worshipping). And I’m aware of a lot of “worship product” in the marketplace I sometimes occupy. So I was cautious when I first started receiving the coordinates that would lead me to make ‘Feedback’. It was immediately conceptual and ambitious, so much so that I genuinely wasn’t sure I could do it. But this seemed to be the perfect posture in which to create something worthy of being called a “worshipful” piece of art. So I studied, meditated, struggled and prayed my way through this creative process, and it’s easily the most challenging thing I’ve done in my career. But I believe it’s been worth it, even just for the ways it’s stretched both my creative process and my faith as a follower of the Way.
I hope Santa reads this... because I'd love the tier 3 bundle in my stocking on the 25th Dec.


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Bryan Allain said...

i interviewed Derek for my podcast last week and we spoke a lot about FEEDBACK and a bunch of other things. If you're a fan I think you'll enjoy it...



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