Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In uncharted territory we cannot use facts to persuade...

There is an interesting article on PSFK.com about the world’s first virtual storytelling conference: The Reinvention Summit.

In the article... Michael Maslansky, the author of The Language of Trust: Selling Ideas in a World of Skeptics, is asked the folllowing question:

(PSFK) Everybody is in the midst of reinvention. What is the role of storytelling in this process?

(Maslansky) Reinvention means finding a comfortable place to operate in a changing world. It means learning new skills and breaking new ground. In uncharted territory we cannot use facts to persuade; we must create a vision of who we are, where we fit, how we can help. Storytelling communicates this vision by creating a credible narrative that prompts people to buy what we are selling (literally and figuratively).

I found Maslansky's response very interesting... and The Reinvention Summit an exciting proposition.


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Angus Mathie said...

Have kept a copy of the article to consider further. I see interesting insights in trying to communicate the Gospel.


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