Saturday, January 29, 2011

A day on Byres Road

290111_ graphic in Oxfam

I love nothing better than to park my car outside the old Transport Museum and go for a donder along Dumbarton Road and then up Byres Road. Today, thanks to my mother and father-in-law, Olly and I were able to be a couple and do this sans we'ans.

We meandered through the Salvation Army Charityshop (where I got "Get Back" by the Beatles on 7" for 50p) then up Byres Road... stopping every-so-often to look in other Charityshops, the wee thrift stores or boutiques that mark the road as special.

290111_ Cupcake

We grabbed a coffee and a cupcake in the Starbucks around 11ish... then had a look around Fopp and Papyrus.

290111_ I love Cherry Coke

Afterwards... we headed to a fab wee Manhattan-style deli called "Tribeca" on Dumbarton Road for lunch. I had an awesome 5 egg omelet with chorizo and peri-peri sauce, washed down with a Cherry Coke (I really need to find diet Cherry Coke!!!) and Olly had a bowl of tomato and basil soup that impressed her culinary sense and warmed the cockles of her heart. The deli had 50s rock 'n' roll playing in the background... which was lovely and added to the meal.

We then rounded our wee trip off with a London Fog, a wee read of the iPad and (for Olly) a wee snooze in Beanscene.

A tremendous day was had. Thank you parents-in-law... and thank you Olly for being excellent company.


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