Monday, January 03, 2011

This is cool :: "Undercity" by Andrew Wonder

Please Note
Video contains sweary words... and I don't condone the actions of the film maker or the "tour guide".

OK... with that over, please let me say that I found this video fascinating... and horrifying... in equal measure. I think Steve Duncan over at is my new fave superhero and I think what he does is amazing. Not that I could do it... I fear heights and flowing water equally... and I wouldn't be able to explain getting arrested for trespass to my wife or my mother... but he is inspirational.

Being a photographer has helped me see beyond. It has helped me to see the beauty and majesty in the ignored, in the passed-by, in the decaying and unwanted... and has given me a greater appreciation for my surroundings. I only briefly studied Art History and Graphic Design as elective... my major is Commerce... seeing shapes and appreciating my surroundings is not in my training.

People like Steve take this to a whole other level. This is why I find him inspirational.

I find him inspirational for two reasons:
(1) He sees beyond - beyond the "here and now" and the status quo... and
(2) He's prepared to take risks to see what he sees.

People like me are in his debt... because we tend not to see what he sees... and tend not to be willing to take risks.

My brief experience in urban exploration has me wanting more... albeit without heights or flowing water. Why? because I believe these forgotten spaces need documenting... they deserve to be remembered.

This is why I consider what Steve does to be important... because he is documenting spaces and places that we may have never known about.

My thanks to @kimded for the heads-up.


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