Friday, January 28, 2011

Mogwai at Paisley Town Hall

270111_ Mogwai #19

I saw Mogwai in action last night at Paisley Town Hall... and was blown away. I love their music... their sound epitomises the idea of post-rock... and their expertise in contrast is phenomenal - light and dark, soft and hard, quiet and loud, their music had it all.

What's more... in the last 30 minutes or so... the audience could feel the music. It was sooo loud, it reverberated through my body. Which is a rather unusual but euphoric experience... albeit I remember an article I read ages ago that talked about the US Government testing a non-lethal weapon that played deep bass notes that made the recipients poop themselves. With my current condition... I was slightly worried. It was that deep.

I can't wait to hear their latest album :: Hardcore will never die, but you will :: which drops in mid February. I have a number of their albums but I have to say my fave is Mr Beast which contains Auto-Rock, Glasgow Mega Snake, and We're No Here... which are simply awesome!

270111_ Mogwai #16

270111_ Mogwai #6

For a full set of pictures... go here. If you get the chance, please go and see Mogwai... they are phenomenal live!


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Unknown said...

Great article, I was doing some searching for the town Hall and found this.. I do the local website and we have a page of information on the town hall here


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