Monday, July 11, 2011

Back from Northern Italy

Olly on the pier

I've spent the day relaxing (we flew in yesterday to Manchester and drove up last night) and recovering from the temperature drop (from 35 degs in Italy compared to 16 here). I did intend to do the washing... but Olly was far too prepared and my involvement has been to put clothes out then rescue them when they were dry (or when the rain came on)... so I have been processing photos and trying to catch up with stuff.

I've uploaded the pics from my iPhone. We forgot the charger for Miriam's new camera... so my iPhone tended to be the camera we had with us most. They tell the story of lazy days on the beach, by the pool or walking the main street in Lido di Jesolo. We also spent a day in Venice... but I went daft with my Nikon d60 and my Minolta P's 35mm cameras... so you've seen the iPhone photos from Venice already.

The holiday was fab. I feel rested, relaxed and ra-ra-raring to go (Franck Eggelhoffer joke). Apart from one day (the one in Venice) I was able to fast from digital media... and immerse myself in the moment with Olly and the we'ans, read (I finished 4.5 books whilst away) and really listen to music. I'll post more on these thoughts as well as some of the things that caught my eye over the next few days. I will hopefully have more pics to share too.


iPhone photos from trip to Lido di Jesolo (2011)

Me and the We'ans #4

At the Lighthouse #1

Olly #4


Johnny said...

Love the main pic, T..really good!

Angus Mathie said...

Lovely observation. Good collection of bikes and I really smiled to see the wicker seats in the car. Looking forward to part two!


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