Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"morning's pass ep" by umber

I am extremely grateful to my friend Noor for pointing out Morning's Pass EP by umber. I hadn't heard of umber prior to his email... but I am glad he let me know... for this EP is the music of my dreams.

The EP features six tracks that present deliciously expansive ambient soundscapes... filled, not just with drones, field recordings and subtle loops, but with piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and banjo (on the standout track "spark mountain" ... which reminds me of the excellent 'lowercase noises').

A couple of the tracks are underpinned by the very reserved use of percussion :: handclaps on "spark mountain" ... a distant tap on "the day we left for earth" ... a skitter of snare on "mellow drizzle" :: these percussive suggestions bring an organic warmth to the tracks... and add that something special... something soothing and somnambulistic like the motion of a train.

This is a truly great release that I thoroughly recommend. It is like the unheard soundtrack to an unseen film... my only wish is that more people get a chance to hear it.


Morning's Pass EP by umber

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