Saturday, July 30, 2011

’cross mountain’ by The Smallest Bones

Another way I discover music is when friends on twitter tweet about music they've discovered. I really like the feature on Bandcamp where you can announce to your timeline that you've just downloaded an album from the site. When I see that... I check it out.

It was in this manner that I discovered ’cross mountain’ by The Smallest Bones... a five-track EP of the most delicious acoustic guitar-led melodies. The Smallest Bones is an instrumental side project of another netlabel face of mine - Julia Kotowski aka Entertainment for the Braindead.

Hers is a wall-of-sound aesthetic... with each track underpinned by the most vibrant field-recordings... the opening track ’wear a warm coat’ refers to, what sounds like, a French cafe... whereas ’a ghost in the kitchen’ sounds like it was recorded in a garden space with the most vibrant birdsong.

The bandcamp page describe the noises you hear and where each field-recording was made:

  • a street musician (Alexanderplatz)
  • a train ride (Neukölln),
  • a yard door (Kreuzberg),
  • a parrot through a closed flat door (Flughafenstraße),
  • a rattling ventilation fan at (Multilayerladen, Kottbusser Tor)
  • old bikes in a backyard (Südstern), and
  • an early bird (Hasenheide).

I guess I wasn't ’that’ far off with the Parisian cafe vibe... albeit in a different country.

As the EP progresses you hear new instrumentation that compliments the sound: subtle electric guitars... glockenspiel-led percussion... distorted feedback in the ending of ’you are not (always) alone’ or Kotowski's ethereal female vocals that enhance the final track ’hands in my pockets, I walk home’ and bring the EP to a delightful and joyous conclusion.

I would heartily recommend this EP and look forward to hearing more from Kotowski’s side project... it’s my kind of wonderful!


Amazingly a free download from ... listen to it below:

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