Thursday, July 14, 2011

I fell in love with this Fiat 500 whilst in Jesolo

Rad wee Fiat 500 #1

Whilst walking along Via Ugo Foscolo I spotted this totally rad Fiat 500. It didn't have a roof or doors... and the "furniture" was rattan rather than the more traditional fabric or leather... but it was just so right for a place like Lido di Jesolo. I was so in awe of it that I didn't see the owner returning... and could only manage to squeak a "very nice" to him before he drove off.

He did thank me, however, which was nice. I guess he liked the fact I liked his wheels. All in... another visual treat whilst on my hols.


Rad wee Fiat 500 #3

Rad wee Fiat 500 #2

Rad wee Fiat 500 #4

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