Monday, July 25, 2011

'a distant proximity’ by Earlyguard

This weekend, I was given the privilege to listen to a pre-release copy of the latest release from Earlyguard entitled 'a distant proximity’.

My initial reaction was a collection of drones consistent and in-keeping with the quality of his previous work... But the more I listened, the more it opened up... and became something in and of itself... a unique chapter in Earlyguard’s story.

’a distant proximity’ is about space and distance... it is about the journey or, more importantly, the time between leaving our starting point and reaching our destination... the period of travel. It doesn't have any of the euphoria of arrival... it is more about the journey itself.

Drones of electronic ambience enter the consciousness... hitting the mind like waves breaking on the shore. These drones remind me of being in a car or train... as we enter and travel through tunnels... the sound of displacement and of motion... the key elements of travel.

’a distant proximity’ has a deeply mediative quality about it. The soundscapes allow for space... and provide a gap in the busy-ness of the day to think... to dream... to contemplate... before returning to normality.

I guess this is why I see it as being like traveling... because it provides the space that only the time ’between’ spaces can provide... that combination of moving and waiting that is either valued and used, or squandered.

These are drones to be savoured, in my opinion... because they provide such a space... and, as such, they should be enjoyed and not wasted.


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