Friday, July 15, 2011

Conception - a compilation of ambient electronic soundscapes from 'Free Floating Music'

Simply put... I want to do what Brad Ross-McLeod has done. He has assembled 22 uniquely talented and wonderfully individual artists and asked them to provide tracks for a compilation album. This compilation - entitled 'Conception' - showcases the very best in the ambient electronic genre... and he has managed to do so in a manner that has ensured a sense of consistency and a feeling of together-ness which suggests a single cohesive whole rather than 22 separate parts.

'Conception' is a wonderful compilation of ambient electronic soundscapes that has a real depth and substance to it. It really does showcase the very best in this genre and it has become the soundtrack to my life since I was given a pre-release copy (thanks to Earlyguard for the introduction) earlier this week.

It features 22 artists and lasts 201 minutes (yes... 3 hours 21 minutes). The tracks can be played sequentially or you can shuffle them. In fact, Brad recommends you do randomise the playing order... and I can only agree with this sentiment.

Each track is self-contained but works, at a higher level, as part of the collective whole. It is a saladbowl of sound... where each element is uniquely itself (e.g. a tomato or onion) but works together to make a nourishing salad.

Whilst part of me is loathed to single any specific tracks out... because they are all so good... the other part of me would consider it amiss not to mention personal favourites: Earlyguard, Benjamin Dauer and Philip Wilkerson; who all bring their very best produce to this communal salad.

That said... the compilation has brought to my attention some new (to me) artists that I am eager to follow up on. Andrew Lahiff, Elypixa, Mooma, & Crystal Dreams; to name but a few, are truly excellent and I will be on the hunt for their work.

'Conception' was released yesterday and I would thoroughly recommend you pick it up... for free... from Free Floating Music.

Track Listing

  1. Tange – 'Psylence II'
  2. Earlyguard – 'Monoku'
  3. Bing Satellites – 'Angel of the North'
  4. Susperia-Electrica – 'Free Floating in Space'
  5. Benjamin Dauer – 'Harmony Bound'
  6. Andrew Lahiff – 'Further Distances'
  7. Elypixa – 'Birth of a Fairy'
  8. Mooma – 'Tachyon Lullaby'
  9. Igneous Flame – 'Ultramarine'
  10. Altus – 'An Atmosphere of Silence'
  11. Crystal Dreams – 'Flood (Disturbed Earth Mix)'
  12. Tomorrow’s Man – 'Doomsday Divine'
  13. Eyes Cast Down – 'Exquisite Divination of Patterns'
  14. Phillip Wilkerson – 'Luminous Drift'
  15. Steve Brand – 'Into the Current'
  16. Daniel Lahey – 'Being Peace'
  17. Boris Lelong – 'Conception'
  18. C.paradisi – 'Celestial'
  19. Lucette Bourdin – 'To The Stars'
  20. Burning Artist – 'BurningFreeFalling'
  21. Shane Morris – 'Shimmering'
  22. Michael Meara – 'Origination'

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Free Floating said...

Thanks for the kind words. I have said more than once that my main talent is having talented friends.

If you're just discovering artists like Andrew Lahiff, then you're in for a big treat!



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