Thursday, August 25, 2011

'hope' ... a compilation from the Ricco record label

When I was researching yesterday's post on 'fleursy music' by Takahiro Kido, I came across a compilation with tracks from artists on the 'Ricco' record label... entitled 'hope' (direct download).

It was their response to the recent tragic events in Japan... the compilation is free to download & is intended to help with the uneasiness experienced in the aftermath.

It doesn't have a cover... or at least it doesn't come with one in the ID3 tags. So I made my own from a suitable reworking of the Japanese flag that I found online. Hope & Love go hand-in-hand afterall.

The compilation is a collection of more subtle ambient, new-classical & post-rock soundscapes that gel nicely together to create a very relaxing atmosphere. Traditional Japanese instrumentation is featured within certain tracks... in a manner that both compliments & highlights more traditional 'classical' sounds featured like the piano or organ... to make a holistic haunting ancient-future vibe that transfixes me as the listener.

There is the feeling of craftsmanship on display. This is music created by people who aren't concerned with the vagaries of fashion but are driven to create something of meaning that will stand the test of time.

According to the label...

We've started Free Download for people who feel uneasiness due to the earthquake in Japan. Please download the album titled "HOPE" and listen to gentle tunes of Anoice, RiLF, Takahiro Kido, Yuki Murata, mokyow, cru and United Seed. You can also listen to new two tracks that are Yuki Murata's "The Star" that is the tune to which she offered up a fervent prayer and Takahiro Kido's "Summer" he made imaging summer. We hope everything will be OK.


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