Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Loving... 'Vivian' by Lowercase Noises

I've spent most of today listening and relistening to the latest release from Andy Othling aka Lowercase Noises. I have been anticipating this release for a wee while now... I am a big fan of Andy's and consider any release of his essential listening.

I was probably too eager to hear this recording... suggesting a one point that Andy's wife try hot sauce to bring on labour. For that I'm sorry, Andy.

'Vivian' was released yesterday to coincide with birth of the Othlings' daughter Vivian. Andy did the same thing when his son Marshall was born. Words can't express how awesome that is... to create and have such a fitting tribute to the birth of your child.

'Vivian' contains five truly beautiful tracks that are simply majestic in their  sonic splendour.

There is an apparent simplicity to the recordings... electric guitar with loops & delays throughout with an acoustic guitar and a cello in various places... nothing rushed or frantic is heard... just a measured gracefulness in the presentation.

I acknowledge the effort required to present such simplicity. I see Andy as a master craftsman who has created something of real worth... that has come about through long days of hard graft... something that will last the test of time and outlive the vagaries of fashion. There is nothing to prove in this music... no gimmick or hook to ensnare the listener... other than the quality of the workmanship.

I would safely hazard a guess as to this being why I love the music of Lowercase Noises and why I readily welcome 'Vivian' to my consciousness.

I have ordered the double disc that Andy has prepared that features both 'Vivian' and 'Marshall'. I can't wait to listen to both albums on my hi-fi at home. It will sit, in pride of place, beside Andy's other albums on my shelf.

I won't go into detail with any of the tracks other than to say 'nearer my God to me' is simply wondrous and up there, for me, with 'how deep the father's love'.

Please buy this album and support independent talent. Have a wee listen below to hear why...


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