Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Loving... Heatherlyn's 'Storydwelling'

I tend to listen to a lot of leftfield music: ambient soundscapes and droning post-classical... epic post-rock and delicate alt-folk... luscious downtempo electronica and head-nodding beats... you know what I mean.

That said... I have a soft spot for soulful, bluesy and grounded gospel sounds... and every-so-often an album that fits this bill comes at me from nowhere and knocks me off me my feet.

Last year it was Tom Jones' wondrous Praise and Blame... and so far this year we've had the awesome Abraham the Poor's After the Flood, Into the Wild.

I can now add Heatherlyn's Storydwelling to this list.

I found out about Heatherlyn when she appeared on the podcast I co-host... the Something Beautiful Podcast. I got a chance to listen to her upcoming album and was, as I said, blown away. She has a really grounded and earthy sound... bluesy... soulful... meaningful. Her style and approach is lyrically strong and she expresses herself with the kind of eloquent poetry that only comes from authentic experience.

Her version of 'Wayfaring Stranger' is up there with the best of them... evocative and emotionally powerful... yet truly her own in tapping-the-feet catchy kind of way. When I heard it for the first time I was like... 'yeah, that's the way it should sound' as if Eva Cassidy or, dare I say, Johnny Cash himself had covered her version.

I believe music feeds the soul... and I have found great nourishment from Storydwelling. It has enriched my life in the short time I have had it on my iPhone. Tracks like 'home with you continues' have built me up in the way only soulful, bluesy gospel songs can - made me smile and helped me face the wonderful gift of life that I have been given.

To this end... I would heartily recommend Storydwelling and wish Heatherlyn all the very best in her career... a career I will be following with interest. Have a wee listen below to get what I mean.


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