Saturday, August 27, 2011

Loving... "tras el horizonte" by EUS

 I love post-rock and ambient soundscapes for similar reasons: they are genres that draw the listener into the music.

 When I make mixes I tend to bring both genres into the mix (along with other forms) because they are highly complementary albeit post-rock tends to emphasis expansive soft/loud slow/fast poles of sound (usually with guitars) whereas ambient tends to focus on the immersive nuances of light/dark within the moment (usual with synths).

"tras el horizonte" by EUS is a wonderful album because it straddles the fuzzy line between these two great genres to create a series of ambient soundscapes that have the expansiveness of post-rock and the immersiveness of ambient.

 It's like they've taken the deliciously "softer" and "slower" elements of post-rock and developed them into fully fledged and wonderfully immersive soundscapes in their own right... not part of something else... not a trough after a grandiose and powerful peak... but something beautiful in and of themselves.

This is why I love this album and would heartily recommend it... especially for a lazy Saturday morning. It is deeply engaging and very satisfying... providing the soundtrack to rest but capable of feeding the soul and inspiring creative thought.

Recommended. Free download.

Tx "tras el horizonte" by EUS

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