Sunday, August 28, 2011

'a summer' by Good Weather for an Airstrike

Yesterday I spoke of how 'tras el horizonte' by EUS straddled the fuzzy line between the great genres of post-rock and ambient to create a series of soundscapes that have the expansiveness of post-rock & the immersiveness of ambient.

After I had posted these thoughts... my mind kept coming back to 'a summer' by Good Weather for an Airstrike (released on Sonic Reverie Records)... an album I've had on my iPhone / iPod since it was released just before I went away to Jesolo.

I feel remiss for not posting sooner on this great album which exists in the fuzzy no-mans-land between post-rock and ambient... but the words never came to me until now.

Tom Honey's masterful use of feedback drones, synths, acoustic guitar, electronics, field recordings and percussion to create the soundscapes on this album is truly inspired... and very welcome.

There is a tangible undercurrent of grey melancholy that really colours the recording and helps to define it. I guess this is why it is so apt, in places, for a Glaswegian summer... especially the one we've just had.

The drone of 'The Sun Sets Over Us, And We Are Happy' for example is substantive with a minimal elegance... stripped back and on par with the best ambient out there.

Whereas 'The Beginning Of The Rest Of Our Lives (Reprise with Inachus)' is a truly exemplary track and a real highlight for me... muted drums, drones and the faint sound of a two-way radio build the foundation for synths and a persistent bass rhythm before a further skitter of snare enters the mix. Wondrous in it's immersive eloquence.

I would heartily recommend this album... have a wee listen below to see why.


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