Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Loving... 'The Past is a Foreign Country' by Venona Pers

On my birthday I purchased "The Past is a Foreign Country" by Venona Pers ... and I've been enthralled by it ever since.

It is a wonderfully warm and immersive combination of folktronica with ambient drones... a coming-together, so-to-speak, of acoustic sounds like guitars and glockenspiel with electronic programming and processing to make a series of vibrant and vivid sound collages.

The soundscapes on the album are warm and inviting... they are presented as spaces to get lost in... where the issues of the day are to be forgotten and all that matters is the now. I guess this is why I love this album so much... it gives me space away from the ordinary... it is head music that allows me to take time out.

Jonathan Hill and Grant Weston have created something very special here and I am grateful to them for it. Have a wee listen below to see what I mean.

£5 for download or £7 for disc + immediate download. I bought the download and should have bought the disc.



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