Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Loving... 'Seven Tales of the North Wind' by Rhian Sheehan

Another album I bought with my birthday money was 'Seven Tales of the North Wind' by Rhian Sheehan. I purchased it on the recommendation of Simon Cutmore who had heard Sheehan's work at the National Space Centre's We Are Astronomers exhibit (which is, according to wikipedia, a 360° Full Dome Film narrated by Doctor Who's David Tennant).

When I began listening to 'Seven Tales of the North Wind' I was instantly hooked... the soundscapes he presents are warm and inviting... on a par with Venona Pers.

The album is predominately post-classical in arrangement... with  a healthy dose of ambient electronic programming, field recordings and drones thrown in to create a breathtakingly beautiful, impressive and engaging audio experience... one reminiscent of "tras el horizonte" by EUS in that the soundscapes presented have the expansiveness of post-rock and the immersiveness of ambient.

If you are a fan of Sigur Ros' more delicate moments then you will really get this album... as I have. It's grace and elegance is a welcome addition to my collection.

$5 for download or $12 for CD + download. Have a wee listen below:


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