Saturday, August 18, 2012

Loving... the artwork that accompanies "Al Kemet" by painter Dina Chhan


All photos in this post are of paintings by Dina Chhan from Invisible Agent's flickr feed. Used with permission

Dina Chhan is a painter and sculpter... who currently works and lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia... and is the painter who created the artwork for Ketsa's fantastic "Al Kemet" album.


Each track has it's own background painted by Chhan... the top painting represents the opening track "Solution" and the painting above is for the second track "Filtration".

I love this idea... an idea I have seen and personally used before... I think it is a really effective and adds real value to an intangible item. I think Chhan's abstract paintings are wonderfully vibrant and really complement the music they were created for.





To view the rest of the images... please go to Invisible Agent's Flickr ... and to find more about Chhan... please check her site out ::


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