Sunday, December 30, 2012

50 Releases of Note in 2012 ... the top ten

There was a whole heap of great independent music released in 2012 ... and I've highlighted some of the very best so far. The final ten were my firm favourites. They may not be yours but they are mine:


10. "Breathing May Surprise" & "Tonalchemy" - Daniel Robert Lahey

Truly breathtaking ambient electronic music. I have so many memories associated with these releases.


09. "From These Hands" - I've Lost

When Bobby picks up his guitar... it's like poetry in motion. Simply sublime.


08. "Songs" - Sima Kim

Simply extraordinary.


07. "Even Though We Sleep" - Stray Theories

The soundtrack to a weekend away with Olly ... this is one heartbreakingly beautiful release  with possibly my favourite album cover of 2012 too.


06. "Field Recordings" - Echelon Effect

Another page in a remarkable book ... "Field Recordings" adds to an already exemplary canon of work.


05. "Passage" - Lowercase Noises

Whatever Andy Othling touches turns to musical gold ... exquisite.


04. "on VHS" - The Fierce and The Dead

There music is wonderfully vibrant and even better in a live setting ... their's was my Gig of 2012. They deserve to 'make it' in the UK Rock Scene. Can't think of anyone more worthy.


03. "The Seed" - Plum

The Seed is simply put ... *the* best electronica album of 2012! So varied and dense ... with vocals that draw you in. Her's was my runner-up Gig of 2012. I look forward to seeing her again in January '13 in King Tuts!


02. "Departure Songs" - Hammock

It really does not get much better than this ... truly engaging and wildly euphoric ... the post-rock album of 2012!


01. "Underneath The Stars", "This Is As Good A Place As Any" & "Lights" - Good Weather for an Airstrike

I am a huge fan of Tom Honey's ambient project 'Good Weather for an Airstrike' and in 2012 he delivered not one ... but three awesome release. Simply breathtaking. These were, in my opinion, the ambient releases of 2012!


Well that's that for 2012 ... it has been a great year for music and I am glad to have been able to contribute through listening ... attending gigs ... reviewing ... and participating to the wider scene with my netlabel - weareallghosts - and my podcast - circumambient.

I look forward to 2013. Independent music is alive and well!


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