Monday, December 24, 2012

Four albums recently released on weareallghosts

In reverse chronological order...

"...ending the year on a high (waag_com001)"

A varied 22-track compilation featuring music from artists previously release on weareallghosts along with a number of exclusive tracks from friends of the label.

Free download.


Ketsa's music is an utter joy to me and this album ... a tribute to his late wife, Gabrielle ... was a real coup for weareallghosts. His Far Eastern-infused electronica is simply divine and highly recommended.

Pay what you want ... with all profits going to the foundation formed in Gabrielle's memory.


Back in early December Wolfgang Merx launched the third in his 'Vanguard Trilogy' ... a vibrant selection of progressive drones and improvisations that may challenge, unsettle and disorientate but will ultimately deliver a vision of imagination and foresight.


What's more ... Merx allowed me to re-release "Vanguard" ... an utterly delightful progressive adventure:

Both we're 'pay what you want' with any profits going directly to Wolfgang.


Things are heating up for weareallghosts and December was a particularly productive month. That said ... its not over yet! We have 2 more releases scheduled before the year is out ... one longform drone from Mystified and another super-special surprise.

Stay tuned ... and support independent music.


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