Saturday, December 01, 2012

Thoughts on iTunes 11 and Album Cover design

I am the first to admit being torn when Apple releases new software ... I want to get it ASAP but I also get anxious in case the mess it up. I had heard rumblings about iTunes 11 and held off ... well, I held of *for me* and waited a day before succumbing.

I'll be honest ... my initial experience was favourable albeit slightly disorientating. It takes a few minutes to get to grips with ... then it works ... at least for me.

What I do love is the way albums are presented in this grid format ... and I'll happily admit to a bit of pride seeing the covers from weareallghosts, circumambient and others presented in such a manner. I might go so far as to say I *gazed* at them in almost the same way I do when *gazing* at my album collection or Tolkien collection.

What it does demonstrate is the need for a good album cover. I'm not saying my covers a good, per se ... but I do think they are recognisable ... at least to me. Designs need to work at 160x160 pixels as they do at 1,200x1,200 pixels. They need to be instantly recognisable ... so as to aid quick and painless selection. This means the image must be as recognisable as the text ... big text isn't always desirable ... but a distinctive image is. The file is named underneath the image, afterall.

This is also apparent when you switch to the 'Artist List' view.

I like the way iTunes is now presenting my music ... even the wee thumbnails of the artists is appealing to me albeit I don't know how to change them.


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Angus Mathie said...

Yes, you are right to be pleased with the effect. The designs, for example Circumambient 003, are instantly recognizable. Keep on creating.


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