Friday, May 30, 2014

Loving ... "Dream Sequence" by Snoqualmie Falls

I recently received in the post 2 CDs from Gavin Catling's 'Twice Removed Records' microlabel ... one was the Zenjungle CD that I had purchased and the other was "Dream Sequence" by Snoqualmie Falls.

Snoqualmie Falls are Alicia Merz (Birds of Passage) and Jeff Stonehouse (Listening Mirror / Jffstnhs) ... two deeply interesting and influential artists in their own right who, working together, have created something very special indeed.

Ever since I received "Dream Sequence" I have obsessed over it ... playing it almost on repeat on my hi-fi. It is a 59 minute longform ambient piece that eloquently expresses my current mood as I sit, confined to my house with my second 'secondary infection' as a result of catching whooping cough in December last year.

I am very fortunately to hear a lot of longform music through my work with weareallghosts ... folks like Cousin Silas and Scott Lawlor are making some remarkable music these days ... as is Earlyguard over in Germany.

"Dream Sequence" is most definitely up there with their very best ... but is also separated from them due to the organic nature of Snoqualmie Falls' sound.

It is heavy but not too heavy ... deep but not too deep ... it has movement and a sense of rhythm - an organic ebb and flow - that I find engaging. "Dream Sequence" makes a fitting background to work.

But it is more than that, however ... when studied, when focussed upon it becomes apparent that this is an exemplary piece of music, one where remarkable care and attention has been poured into. The use of 'disembodied' vocals is a stroke of genius that I find both haunting and inspiring.

All in, "Dream Sequence" by Snoqualmie Falls is a soundscape that needs to be experienced as much as heard ... it needs to be felt ... and, given time and patience, it will reward those who experience it. It has rewarded me.

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