Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Loving ... "Sick Glass" by Cutty's Gym

As a band Cutty's Gym have a fluidity, a movement that is infectious, and this comes out in their debut EP "Sick Glass". This energy is impossible to resist and while I can only imagine their antics in a live setting, they have captured something of their expression on the four tracks that make up the EP.

Cutty’s Gym are a two-piece guitar (Craig McIntyre) & drums (Iain Stewart) combo that play a progressive, groove-orientated instrumental Math Rock. They are a tight unit and it shows with all the twists and turns they pour into their tracks.

Their sound reminds me of a stripped-back The Fierce And The Dead with McIntyre, the guitarist, hinting at the genius of Matt Stevens.

They are not TFATD nor are they The Black Keys or The White Stripes ... Cutty’s Gym have their own sound and have all the potential to become their own unique musical force. Their debut EP "Sick Glass" points to this potential and, with hard work & a bit of luck, they will realise all they are capable of.

I look forward to hearing more from the duo, especially in a live setting where I think they will really come alive.

I would recommend "Sick Glass" to anyone with a passion for progressive, groove-laden, guitar-orientated Math Rock ... take  a wee listen below to hear what I'm talking about. If you like it then please support Cutty’s Gym as best you can.


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