Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let there be light (71/365)

I am a big fan of my local library. It should have it's own fan page on Facebook... so I could "officially" become it's fan.
Popped into the library tonight whilst the we'ans were at "the Rainbow Club" at a local church. I borrowed a Seasick Steve CD. I was offered it for 35p (instead of the usual 70p) if I borrowed a book with it. I borrowed William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition". Not really sure why other than I think I miss Cacey.
My library is an access point to so much: music... films... literature... ideas such as art, design, theology, philosophy etc etc. It is a treasure trove... a cornucopia of inspiration.
I especially love the inscription over the front door... "Let there be light". It inspires me everytime I see it.
Give your Library some love!
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