Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Skype for the iPhone

It's kind of sad that I waited up until after midnight so I could download the Skype app for my iPhone... but then it is me afterall.
I'm excited about a *native* Skype app rather than a 3rd party app. Fring was good and all... but I'm glad Skype have their own app out.
The fact I'm excited is because Skype has become an important part of my life... through it's criticality to the something beautiful podcast. Put simply: no Skype, no podcast.
I'm going to have a wee play about with the app over the next few days... so if you are on my contacts and happen to be online... you may get a wee call.
One thing I've noted is that it only works with wifi... this is only a downside because it may result in me changing my place-of-daily-cup... I get free wifi in Nero but not Starbucks.
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Mark said...

That's not a downside the coffee in Nero is better than Starbucks :-)


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