Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two albums that reaffirm my love of electronic music...

"Illusion" by Soulstice (2001) & "Blood, looms & blooms" by Leila (2008) have recently joined my collection & have, in doing so, reaffirmed my love for electronic music.

Why? Illusion is timeless and blood, looms & blooms is bleeding edge - two traits I look for in my music.

Illusion is future-soul from Andy Caldwell & Gina Rene... that nicely captures a period of music discovery in the early noughties... when I was download a real hodgepodge of tunes from "epitonic" & making mix CDs. My mixes went from soulful & housey (Soulstice & labelmates on "om") to Americana to shoegaze to whatever took my fancy. I loved the hunt & then the mix. Good fun. The tunes from "om records" always stood out for their soulfulness & rhythm. They weren't 4x4 house... they were (are) more intricate... produced and yet human, if that makes sense?

Illusion really stands out from that period. I was glad to find it again after losing it for so long.

"Blood, looms & blooms" was given to me by my brother-in-law who had picked it up in a charityshop for 50p. It wasn't his thing but it is definately mine. On the "Warp" label, this album is bleeding edge quirky with a dark sense of humour. It feels baroque in a way with some time signatures used. It is dense & atmospheric... with some fantastic vocals from Terry Hall, Seaming To & Luca Santucci. It reminds me that great electronica should push boundaries and be more "both/and" rather than "if/or"... with a real sense of being in the sound. A "boldly go" kind of thing.

Both albums are strongly recommended. Check them out.

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