Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why I love twitter... Gerard Kelly's "twitturgies"

I've been twittering for 2 years (since March 2007) and I love the community that's been built there with 140 characters at a time. I engage with some really dear friends on a daily basis there. For me twitter is as much about conversation as it is about broadcast... its more than "what are you doing?"

One of my fave tweeple at the moment is Gerard Kelly aka @twitturgies - he posts "a tweet for the soul: personal liturgies in 140 characters or less" that just blow me away.

Take the one pictured above:
This is the story we are held by: the embrace grace grafts us into. Created free; fallen in fear; redeemed beyond our fullest expectation
His tweets build me up in ways other more "evangelical" tweets can only dream of. If you are on twitter add him... you will not be disappointed.

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Angus Mathie said...

I can recommend his thoughts too.

This one spoke loudly to me: "More than the idols that hijack our hearts, you are worthy. More than the celebrities we crown with false honour you never waste our worship."


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