Sunday, March 22, 2009

More wisdom from Bob :: a relationship must be nurtured...

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I love the way Bob highlights something so dear to my heart... that a relationship must be nurtured, and CONTINUED!

I think this is vitally important when we consider the church and the people we come into contact. Relationships need to be nurtured... and kept up.

In this context we need to focus on discipleship rather than salvation - we need to walk with people, not just get them over the line. We need to build strong and lasting relationships with one another and... most importantly... do our bit to help facilitate lasting, meaningful relationships with God.

People need fed. If we are not about feeding people then we are not seeking to build disciples... its as simple as that. Flash-in-the-pan evangelism isn't about feeding & discipleship... its snack food... instantly gratifying but wears off pretty quickly. People need sustenance... not milk. Its not relational if its all about the milk... more parasitical, imho.

I will leave you with this: What are you doing to feed yourself... and those around you? and what are you feeding on?

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