Monday, March 02, 2009

U2 + Spotify (61/365)

I try not to believe the hype. I listen to what I want to listen to... I don't care if it's trendy & bleeding edge or just plain passé... If I like it, I like it.
I was reluctant to drop £10 on the new U2 CD... I am a big fan of their noughties stuff but was still hesitant. £10 can buy some good music & I wasn't prepared to take chance... all because I was caught up in a wave of excitement.
That's why SPOTIFY rocks. It allows me to stream pretty much what I want... including the new U2 album... to my MacBook. It let's me try before I buy... legally!
I like that. I also like the fact Spotify allows Last.FM scrobbling. I'm a geek in that regard.
I am going to buy NO LINE ON THE HORIZON. It sounds lovely - sonically rich, textured & warm. I think it's one for my whole family.
I hope the Record Industry is listening?Spotify & Last.FM are the future. Work with fans instead of suing them!
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Mark said...

Guess what I am also doing right now :-) Though I don't think I will be buying, it's just not grabbing me. Maybe it needs another listen though I don't think there is any hope for Get Your Boots On, what a terrible song. (only IMHO of course!!)

But got to agree with your comments about Spotify overall.

Mark said...

Trying this again...did not get the submitted for moderation message last time.

I also listened on Spotify tonight but it just didn't grab me. Maybe it needs another listen though there is no hope for Get Your Boots On, it's a terrible song IMHO.

Got to agree about Spotify though. Been loving it so far and in no doubt it will lead to me buying more music.

Matt Wilson said...

I think I almost wet myself when i saw the built in scrobbling, i had only just started to get into but juiced more on its 2.0 intergration to blogs/facebook (gotta love em widgets) and hadn't totally got into the radio side although i liked it and loved the artists pages and recomendations in but i like that with spotify you can just get a song (aslong as they have it) but loved that i could still use both rather than having to replace one with the other.

Stewart said...

Totally agree Thomas. And Mark, put your headphones on and turn it up. Makes more sense loud and after a few listens. It's a grower.


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