Monday, March 02, 2009

U2 + Spotify (61/365)

I try not to believe the hype. I listen to what I want to listen to... I don't care if it's trendy & bleeding edge or just plain passé... If I like it, I like it.
I was reluctant to drop £10 on the new U2 CD... I am a big fan of their noughties stuff but was still hesitant. £10 can buy some good music & I wasn't prepared to take chance... all because I was caught up in a wave of excitement.
That's why SPOTIFY rocks. It allows me to stream pretty much what I want... including the new U2 album... to my MacBook. It let's me try before I buy... legally!
I like that. I also like the fact Spotify allows Last.FM scrobbling. I'm a geek in that regard.
I am going to buy NO LINE ON THE HORIZON. It sounds lovely - sonically rich, textured & warm. I think it's one for my whole family.
I hope the Record Industry is listening?Spotify & Last.FM are the future. Work with fans instead of suing them!
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