Monday, March 02, 2009

This is cool :: Moleskine Folio A3 & A4 notebooks

I'm a stationery geek and got all excited when I read this post from introducing A3 & A4 Moleskines. Check out the range on Amazon and oooh & aaah with me (or point your finger and laugh at me Nelson-like for being such a geek).

Thing is... I love me some big paper. Currently at my work I use a blank landscape A4 sketch book... with 2 pages per day for my "to do" and all the notes that come from the issues / calls / emails etc. It acts as my "heads up display"... and beats hundreds of sticky notes.

We need to move away from A4 portrait lined notebooks... free ourselves from their shackles and embrace plain/squares and different shapes. It works for me... hence the reason I am all excited about an A3 Moleskine... albeit... I'd prefer it was landscape rather than portrait... but geeks can't be choosers :-)

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Stewart said...

ooohhhh.... aaaahhhhh. Liking the notebooks! Wonder when I'll cave and buy one. You're so right about getting rid of the lines. Allows you to be so much more creative and free.


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