Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Loving me some... Drink Me chai


Those of you who read the ol' nanolog regularly will be familiar with my almost obsessive-compulsive love of tea & coffee. I like rooibos... earl grey... sumatran & old brown java coffee blends... gingerbread lattes at Christmas time... and chai lattes all the year through.

I especially love me some chai latte!

On Saturday... as we headed out on a run... we stopped into ASDA to pick up dried milk. For some reason Olly likes the stuff and it certainly reduces any hassle when out and about. I waited in the car with the we'ans. When she came back to the car she produced a tub of Drink Me chai.

I was and am so chuffed. It is the real mccoy. Its the chai they serve in Caffe Nero... the coffeehouse where I am most fond of a cheeky wee chai. For about the price of one chai there... you can get a tub that will make quite a few for home or garden consumption... or, if you are a likeminded soul, consumption in the car at the base of Tinto.

Well recommended! Add it to your shopping list... if you like that sort of thing.

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