Sunday, April 12, 2009

New tunes...

I love the hunt... the rooting around of musical scavenger hunt. Not looking for anything specific with the assurance that I know what I like.

During my break I picked up the following:

  • The best of RADIOHEAD - 2 x CD + 1 x DVD - from their EMI days. Great to have the videos.
  • "Music Fiction" by RITHMA - awesome soulful nujazzy electronica from OM records.
  • "Asa breed" by MATTHEW DEAR - more awesome electronic goodness, this time from the genius that is Matthew Dear. Picked this album up for £2.25 - a steal in my books. Brilliant.
  • "Stay up forever" by CHUNGKING - soulful indie rock with a wee flavour of new wave pop that I picked up in "Jumbo Records" in Leeds for £2. Good follow up to "The hungry years".
  • "Trailer Park" by BETH ORTON - a classic album in some peoples' eyes. I picked it up for £2.25 to see for myself.
  • "Adventures in the underground journey to the stars" by SOUTH - fab indie rock from the band who used to be on Mo' Wax (where I first heard them).
  • The ost for INDIANA JONES & THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL - loved the movie... love the ost... love the fact I picked it up in OXFAM for £2.
  • ORBITAL - classic timeless electronica.
  • "Protection" by MASSIVE ATTACK - the album that brought the wild bunch to my attention all those years ago.

I love music... and I'll be like a pig in poo listening to all these aural treats. Thanks to Olly & the we'ans for putting up with my CDOCD.


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