Saturday, April 04, 2009

Loving me some... Graceland by Paul Simon

I love it when I rediscover an old classic album... I did so today... when I found an old copy of Graceland by Paul Simon at my folks house.

Released in 1986... its eclecticism is refreshing, vibrant and colourful - elements that I really value. There is also a synergy about it... it is more than the sum of its parts... which is refreshing considering the depth of collaboration & experience involved (53 musicians / groups are listed in the credits on Wikipedia).

The African vibe that threads its way through the album is also refreshing. I think this album opened my eyes to "world" music... and helped me look beyond the previous "boxes" I held music within... albeit... this was many years after its original release.

If you like Vampire Weekend then you'll love this... it is truly an awesome album. Check it out.

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