Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yesterday's good hunting

Plunder from yesterday

Yesterday was a great day for many reasons... but I thought I'd focus on some of the fab things I found.

I picked up this awesome harrington style jacket in the Salvation Army charity shop for £3.99 - its reversable and unique in its own wee way.

I also picked up the books there too - a Star Wars novel for 59p and the Harry Potter book for 79p - a steal, to be honest. I should start reverse haggling one of these days... once I am able to overcome / short circuit my Scottishness I'll give that a go.

Yesterday saw me come into possession some fab music too:
  1. "Before the dawn will heal us" by M83 (£1.79) - a wonderfully euphoric electronic album with some "shoegaze" guitar expression... it is a really uplifting album.
  2. "Prophesy" by Nitin Sawney (£2) - this was a mistake... nothing to do with this stunning album that brings traditional Indian orchestration together with classical guitar and electronic soundscapes to make something wonderfully powerful. Its just that I boobed because I ALREADY HAVE THIS ALBUM. I check on my iPod before I bought it but mentally spelt "Prophesy" with a "PH"... d'oh!!! That said, I was glad to contribute to the wee second hand record shop down the wee lane off Byers Road where the Bothy is... its an awesome treasure trove of old vinyl. Note to self: get new needle for record deck.
  3. "Donkey" by CSS (£3) - I can't resist FOPP and to pick up CSS' sophmore album for £3 is a prime example why. A beguiling listen... an upfront clash of electro and punky elements makes this Brazilian group a worthy addition to my collection.
So yeah... that was what I picked up. I don't want to talk all about stuff... all the time... but I think its important to acknowledge/celebrate the sort of goodies that can be found off the beaten track with some patience and good hunting.

I hope this piece can inspire you to look beyond the mainstream shops and a scavenger's eye.

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