Monday, April 20, 2009

On the edges...

Bellshill Salvation Army

Last night I was given the opportunity to talk about some of the bits and pieces I was involved within on the interwebs... this was part of 4 short talks by various folks from the Bellshill Salvation Army on things they did "outside the Corps" and "on the edge".

I was fourth after...
  1. Tom Mitchell... who spoke about the Homeless outreach with the Soup Van thats kicked off recently (more on that later in the week)
  2. Laurie Hope... who spoke about the Pub Ministry he's dedicated his Fridays to.
  3. Bobby Roberts... who spoke of the Street Pastor movement and its introduction to Glasgow
and then there was little ol' me... unnaturally nervous and way way waaaay over-prepared as you will find out. My five minutes on the stuff I get up to online lasted fifteen and, to be honest, I thought it was as if I was trying to commentate on a snooker game via the radio.

I did receive positive feedback afterwards... with some people very supportive although they admitted they didn't have a clue what I was twittering on about (pardon the pun).

So yeah... have a wee read of this pdf entitled online ministry thingies and then let me know what you think.

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Stewart said...

Good stuff. A great summary of how just a few tools can help build community and glorify God.

One thing I'd add is the word 'committment'. Communities on or offline need people to be committed and active to make them work.


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