Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some photos from this evening...

A trip into Glasgow is always a pleasure & tonight was doubly so... Church at the Spoon was happening & I had the opportunity to hang with some dear friends.

This evening we focussed on Jesus... determining who He is and isn't... using whatever method we had ( or concordance etc) to back up what we thought with Bible verses. The challenge was to ensure our view of Jesus was based on Scripture & not our romantic idealism. Some of the thoughts presented afterwards were very challenging.

Afterwards I talked briefly about what Andrew Jones had said on the podcast about prayer, telling stories, building community then evangelizing based on Luke 10. Hopefully I made sense. We have a great opportunity to connect with the community at the Tron but need a "person of peace" to aid us.

What is apparent is the community that is being built within the participation of those involved. There is a real desire to be together... with the focus on Jesus.

So here's to the future in the Spoon. I celebrated with a spoon of my own... in a "Copa Fragola" courtesy of Olly... thanks honey!

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