Thursday, April 16, 2009

What did you listen to this morning?

As I walked to the station, I listened to the first chapter of ERIC BRYANT's "Peppermint Pinatas" audiobook. He has a warm & engaging approach that is instantly accessible... and although what he discusses isn't new to me, he articulates it in a refreshing manner.

When I jumped on the train I switched to KEANE's new album "Perfect Symmetry". I have grown to love pop music & this album is a perfect example of good pop. Synthy soundscapes... rocky guitars... vibrant backbeat... lovely.

Then... when I jumped off the train & walked to the office... I swapped over to MATTHEW DEAR's wonderful "Asa Dear"... Bleeding edge electronic soundscapes underpinning deep, processed vocals... reminding me of THE KNIFE - something offkilter but engaging.

So yeah that's me up to now... what did you listen to this morning?

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