Monday, February 21, 2011

A couple of rolls of 35mm film

190211_ Minolta P's #016

I got a couple of rolls of 35mm film developed at the weekend. One was from my Minolta P's panoramic camera... and the other was from my Olympus Trip 35.

190211_ Minolta P's #023

I used Fujicolor ISO200 36exp... and I am really delighted with the outcome. Top two are from the Minolta P's... and the bottom two are from the Olympus Trip 35.

190211_Olympus Trip 35 #004

Click here for the Minolta P's set and here for the Olympus Trip 35 set... and enjoy.


190211_Olympus Trip 35 #024

1 comment:

Angus Mathie said...

These are nice sets with some favourites such as the one at the football ground beside Appian Place with the sun low down to the left. The one looking along the Clyde is very good as well.


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